ICTI is a general code of business conduct, which is formulated by the International Toy Industry Association (International Toy Industry Association), designed to allow the toy industry to reach a safe and ethical working environment.


(Disney) certification is a requirement for Disney to meet the requirements of its suppliers, mainly about the comprehensive management system from the perspective of social responsibility, from the use of people, wages and benefits whether to meet the local law


Walmart is specified by the ES ethics standards; FCCA audit, quality system and production capacity; SCS audit, supply chain security audit and other certification support.


UKAS, the Kingdom Accreditation Service United, is a national agency responsible for accreditation and laboratory measurement and testing, and it is the Commonwealth


GSV (global security verification) is an internationally leading business service system that provides support for strengthening the development and implementation of the global supply chain security policy (including processes, procedures and infrastructure), and it is also ensured.

G7 Master Printer

G7 enterprise certification program designed for qualified application G7 (from proofing to printing color control and correction method) and prove enterprise enterprise, have the ability to use the method and standard of quality control technology, the most advanced production


ISO9001 (International Organization for Standardization) is a group of quality management system certification, to prove that the organization has the ability to provide stability to meet customer requirements and applicable laws and regulations.
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